Volume / Expression Pedal For Numa Concert, Stage, Compact, Piano, Sledge, Organ Acuna, SL
Item ID: VP-27
List Price: $80.95


The StudioLogic VP-27 is a pedal that gives you continuously variable control over volume and expression functions. Boasting a slip-proof surface and a 10-kOhm pot, the pedal offers a single 1/4" TRS connector on a 6.6' cable. It was designed to work with the StudioLogic SL88 Grand, SL88 Studio, and SL73 keyboards, but it also works with many other StudioLogic products, as outlined below. It may work with the inputs of other manufacturer's instruments and pedals, but such usage cannot be guaranteed, due to differences in wiring and hardware manufacturing.
  • Compatibility Numa Concert, Numa Stage, Numa Compact 2, Numa Compact 2x, Numa Compact, Numa Piano, Sledge, Sledge 2.0, Sledge Black Edition, Numa Organ, Numa Organ 2, Acuna 73, Acuna 88, SL88 Grand, SL88 Studio, SL73 Studio