Quartz Metronome
Item ID: SQ50-V
List Price: $74.95


The SQ50-V quartz metronome is an upgrade from Seiko's SQ50 and features new look, easy operation tempo dial, adjustable volume, two selectable click tones (high and low), and two tone generators (A and Bb). Dial-in virtually perfect tempo settings and an A=440 tone for tuning. Tempo range from 40-208BPM can be set easily from the 39-position rotary dial. A red LED can be selected for a visual beat or combined with a click sound for visual and audible beat-keeping. Includes earphone jack.
  • Our most basic quartz metronome
  • Our most basic quartz metronome
  • Choice of 2 types of tempo and beat sounds
  • Large led for highly visual tempo indicator