Sela Percussion
Foldable & Height Adjustable Medium Handpan Stand, Beech Wood
Item ID: SE199
List Price: $164.95


Posture and presentation play a key role in creating a polished handpan performance. This seated-height handpan stand (24") is beautifully crafted from lightweight, durable beechwood and features non-slip foam contacts to provide an organic and secure playing environment for your handpan instrument — one that won't leach an ounce of tone or emotion from your performance. The Sela SE199 is not only lightweight, but it folds up quickly for carry and storage. This makes it convenient for carting instruments to and from a live environment, from the street corner to the subway, or between home and studio sessions. The Sela SE199 features a matte lacquered finish for protection from the elements and a great feel in the hands. Handpan player? Don't compromise when it comes to your performance.
  • Made of beech wood
  • Collapsible
  • Non-slip foam pads
  • Height 61 cm (adjustable)
  • Color: Natural