DR Handmade Strings
Neon Red Coated Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light (12-54)
Item ID: NRA-12
List Price: $27.95


Neon™ Red acoustic guitar strings with K3™ Technology. DR NEON™ is applied to provide a long lasting string with a super bright glow. Bright in the day light, or under stage lighting. DR NEON™ strings "pop" in appearance, sparkle brightly, and are black light active plus glow amazing under UV lightning. Super bright colors that will sound clear, bright and musical and last like the coated strings they are.
  • String Length: 38"
  • Material: K3 Luminescent Neon Red Coated Phosphor Bronze. Hexagonal Core Wire with Ball End.
  • 12 16 24 32 42 54