Heavy-Duty Mic Stand with 10" Base
Item ID: MS9210
List Price: $115.95


Our MS9210 Heavy-Duty Mic Stand with 10" Base features a heavy yet portable round base that delivers exceptional stability and withstands demanding conditions. Rubber feet on the base reduce vibrations and prevent slipping. The base connects to the shaft via a rugged M20-threaded lug, providing efficient assembly and reliable security. The shaft adjusts in height to accommodate a variety of miking applications and accepts booms, mic clips, and other mic accessories. The midpoint clutch offers extra protection for mics by acting as a brake on the upper shaft during height adjustment, preventing the shaft from crashing down.
  • Height 36"-65"
  • Base Diameter 10"
  • Base Weight 6 lbs.
  • Upper Threading 5/8"-27"
  • Base Threading M20
  • Color Black