Manuel Rodriguez Guitars
E-65 Ecologia 4/4 Acoustic Guitar, Natural
Item ID: MR-ECO-4/4-E-65
List Price: $690.95


The ECOLOGIA series harks back to the tradition of European guitar making of our great-grandfathers. At that time, tonewood was used that grew on the doorstep and was available. It was only much later that the international wood trade, including tropical woods, replaced the local woods that had proven themselves for decades. Manuel Rodriguez thinks highly of these traditions and has created an environmentally “green” series, built from the European woods spruce, walnut, maple and acacia. Not a single tropical wood is used. European woods (Top: Spruce – Back & sides: Walnut. Fingerboard & Bridge: Acacia. – Ecological lacquer, water-based. Handmade in Europe, short transport distances. Instruments are built in OUR climate for OUR climate.
  • Handmade in Europe
  • Nut Bonoid
  • Neck Joint System Dovetail
  • Neck Material Maple
  • Fingerboard Acacia
  • Top Solid Spruce
  • Back + Sides Walnut
  • Bridge Acacia
  • Bridge Type 6-Hole Machine Heads Van Gent special black
  • Finish water-based eco-matt
  • Strings HANNABACH 815 HTC Silver-Special Carbon-trebles, high tension