Latin Percussion
16-inch Siam Oak Barril De Bomba With Chrome Plated Hardware
Item ID: LP2616-MS
List Price: $1,399.95


Barril de Bombas are a set of drums used in traditional Puerto Rican folkloric music called Bomba. Consisting of a Primo or Subidor, the lead drum that follows a dancer and a Buleador that provides a steady, hypnotic rhythm. LP is proud to honor the culture and people of Puerto Rico which have been an important contributor to Afro-Caribbean and Latin music. These Barrils are constructed from Siam Oak with natural rawhide heads and feature decorative metal bands that are reminiscent of traditional drums from the island.
  • 26" 2-ply Siam Oak construction
  • 16" Natural rawhide head
  • Traditional rim
  • LP Heart side plates with 5/16" diameter tension rods
  • Includes bag