Joyo Technologies
Compact Bass Guitar Amplifier - 35w 10" Speaker
Item ID: JBA-35
List Price: $520.95


JOYO JBA-35 - Bass Combo Amp The JOYO JBA series offers an excellent sound and portable solution for all types of bass players. The JBA-35 comes with a 3-band equalizer to get that perfect sound, a headphone input for quiet practice, and you can even play with your own music with the auxiliary input / CD. The speaker and the direct outputs as well as the effects of sending and returning open the possibilities for any type of music and any level of playing skill. EQ to get the perfect tone Reach your ideal bass sound with the 3-band EQ control. Easily increase or decrease bass, midrange, and treble frequencies, and further adjust the upper-mid range using "bright" control. By giving you a more present sound, the JBA-35's equalizer really helps the bass to stand out and cross. Auxiliary, headphones and more! Featured on the JBA-35 are a large number of inputs and outputs - making it the perfect go-to amp. On the front, the auxiliary input / CD allows you to connect any phone, iPod or external music source, so you can play with your favorite songs, or even your own backing tracks. The headphone input is ideal when you need to reduce noise and exercise late at night. Double entries With active and passive inputs, the JOYO JBA-35 adapts to all bass styles. Whether your instrument has a battery-powered sensor and is active or a simple plug-and-go passive model, the JBA-35 has a dedicated input for you to get the most out of it of your bass. On the back The JOYO JBA-35 has even more features at the back: effects loop, direct output and speaker output. The effects loop is ideal for those who have a number of effects - plug your pedals directly to get a different sound.
  • Bass, Mid, Treble and Bright EQ Controls
  • Volume and limiter control buttons
  • Limiter light
  • Inclined inclination
  • Carrying handle mounted