2" x 60 Yards Gaffer Tape, Black
Item ID: GT260B
List Price: $38.95


This professional-strength GT260B Gaffer Tape firmly secures cables and other items to floors, mic stands, keyboard stands, DJ tables, or rigging to prevent trips or accidental disconnections to help ensure smooth-running, safe, organized audio/video setups. While it reliably holds cables and other items in place, it also peels off without leaving adhesive residue on surfaces, cables, or other equipment. Made from cloth-based material, the tape can be torn by hand without the need to use a blade or tape gun, making it safe, easy, and convenient to get the right size piece for a wide range of applications. In addition to stabilizing cables, this tape can be used to block light and drafts around doorways, hold decor in place, keep setlists from blowing away, and for many other purposes. Its black, non-reflective top surface doesn't call attention to itself and unobtrusively blends into virtually any stage setup, performance space, podcast set, or recording studio. A single roll contains 60 yards (180 feet) of tape, providing plenty of length to tackle multiple projects, yet is also compact for ease of handling and transportation.
  • Length 60 yards (180 ft)
  • Width 2"
  • Color Black