DW Hardware
MDD Machined Direct Drive Hi-hat Stand with Extended Footboard - Polished - 3-leg
List Price: $1,160.95


Jam-packed with cutting-edge features and brandishing rock-solid build quality, the DW Machined Direct Drive hi-hat stand will satisfy the most discriminating of drummers. No matter what type of setup you prefer, the MDD can achieve it, thanks to patented technology like DW’s one-touch clutch, offset cymbal seat adjustment, vertical spring tension adjustment, selectable-action direct-pull system, and adjustable-height XF footboard. It’s durable, too, with a high-grade aluminum pedal plate, retractable spurs, a clamp-lock base plate, and an interlocking delta hinge. And it feels amazing, by virtue of its sleek, ergonomic contoured heel plate. The MDD hi-hat stand is a pro-level piece of drum hardware, boasting the smooth, responsive action that first-call drummers demand and the bulletproof dependability that road warriors rely on.