Percussion Tray with Soft Case
Item ID: DPT4000
List Price: $230.95


Dependable and easy to set up, our DPT4000 Percussion Tray keeps an arsenal of hand-percussion instruments and accessories organized and conveniently within reach. In addition to containing handheld items, the tray provides two brackets for mounting percussion rods that hold cowbells, woodblocks, or other instruments in playing position. Foam padding on the platform helps keep instruments in place and also enables quiet placement of shakers and other instruments during performance. Handle-rests on two sides of the tray make it easy to pick up sticks, mallets, and instruments such as maracas, cabasas, and claves without reaching into the tray. Two swiveling hooks swing out from the bottom of the tray to store hangable items including tambourines, cables, and headphones. Two mounting mechanisms make it possible to use a variety of stage and studio equipment to support the tray. An integrated threaded socket can be screwed onto any standard mic stand. Alternatively, built-in clamps can attach to any sturdy post including hi-hat stands, mic stands, and speaker stands. For efficient set up and tear down, the included soft case stores and transports the tray with instruments on it - no need for a separate instrument bag. For ease of transportation, the soft case features handles and a shoulder strap as well as a zippered pocket for holding tools and supplies.
  • Tray Dimensions 18" x 10"
  • Front Lip Height 1"
  • Rear Lip Height 3"
  • Weight Capacity 25 lb. (Do not exceed weight limit of support stand)
  • Accessory Mounting Spaces 2
  • Accessory Mounting Size Accepts percussion rods 8.5-10.5 mm in diameter
  • Base Threading 5/8" 27 female
  • Construction Steel
  • Clamp Size Fits posts 16-38mm in diameter
  • Soft Case Dimensions 20" x 14" x 4"
  • Soft Case Pocket Dimensions 19" x 7.5"