7" Dual-Sided Soft Rubber Practice Pad
List Price: $110.95



DUAL-SIDED PAD COMBINES ALL YOUR PRACTICE NEEDS IN ONE! Introducing the NEW DBS Pad, the latest product in RTOM’s line of premium practice gear. This dual-surface pad features our world-renowned Moongel Workout Pad on one side and a specially formulated real-feel rubberized surface on the other, combining all your practice needs for the price one! Moongel Surface – The Moongel Workout Pad is made from a super-soft gel material and has the lowest rebound surface of any pad on the market. Practice on this pad is similar to practicing on a pillow and will help build speed, strength, and stamina while reducing wrist fatigue. Soft Rubber Surface – The second side offers an incredibly durable rubber surface. Unlike traditional gum rubber pads that feel too bouncy, this specially formulated rubber allows for an authentic, soft-feel rebound. In addition, this side features a target zone to improve precision and accuracy. The Dual-Surface DBS Pad features our world-renowned Moongel surface on one side and a real-feel rubber surface on the other, so now you can build speed, strength and endurace AND technique, precision and accuracy with just ONE pad…it’s the only practice pad you’ll ever need!
  • Dual -Side pad combines all your practice needs for the price of one.
  • One side will build strength and endurance, the other side will refine technique and form.
  • Target zone to improve precision and accuracy.
  • Portable and compact 7” pad that fits in any book bag.
  • Incredibly lightweight compared to similar practice pads.