Full Spectrum 32-Note Chromatic Set
List Price: $194.95


The Boomwhacker Full Spectrum Set includes everything you need to start making music and further develop musical capabilities. The set includes a full chromatic 2.5-octave range from bass-C to high treble-G" - that's 32 notes! You can further expand your sound with the included Octavator caps. Simply cap the end of a Boomwhacker tube to lower the pitch by an octave.
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  • (BWCG) 5 Note Chromatics Set
  • (BWEG) 7 Note Treble Extension Set
  • (BWJG) 7 Note Bass Diatonic C to B Set
  • (BWKG) 5 Note Bass Chromatics Set
  • (OC8G) 8 Octavator Caps