54 Tube Classroom Pack
Item ID: BW54TB
List Price: $269.95


Double the Boomwhacker® tube contents as the 27-Tube Classroom Pack (Item #BW27CP), plus the Boomwhackers Tote Bag! Add Boomwhackers® to your class time with these pitched, colorful tubes, matching stickers, and a free tote bag to carry and store your tubes! Set includes four 8-Note Diatonic Sets (Item # BWDG), two 5-Note Chromatics Sets (BWCG), two 6-Note Pentatonic Sets (BWPG), two sets of 8 Octavatorâ„¢ Tube Caps, one pack of 500 Chroma-Notes Stick-Ons (CNS1), and a bonus Boomwhackers® Tote Bag (BWTB). All items also available separately.
  • (4) 8-Note C Major Diatonic Sets (BWDG)
  • (2) 5-Note Chromatics Set (BWCG)
  • (2) 6-Note C Major Pentatonic Scale Set (BWPG)
  • (2) Set of 8 Octavatorâ„¢ Tube Caps (OC8G)
  • (1) Set of Chroma-Notes® Stick-Ons (CNS1)
  • (1) Boomwhackers® Tote Bag (BWTB)
  • Set contents all fit in tote bag, some smaller tubes must stack on top of each other
  • Boomwhackers® play reliably in all weather conditions and are stable to -180°F