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Joyo Technologies
GEM BOX III is the flagship model of JOYO's multi-effects, with smart reversed modeling technology, you are now having 61 high quality preamp modulations, 9 effects module, 157 effect types and 300 preset tones.
Joyo Technologies
Item ID: JF-19
JF-19 Features Buffer and Tuner. The Buffer save the trouble of long audio cables or tone loss due to multiple pedals are connected in series, while the Buffer circuit retains the original tone when multiple pedals are in use.
Joyo Technologies
Item ID: RD-B2
RD-B2 pedal board has a very special hollow design, enable convenient arrangement of wires; what’s more, its unique way of fixing power supply by using an additional elastic string, suits any volumes of power supply.
Joyo Technologies
Item ID: RD-1
The market is flooded with pedal boards, and every time I carry them to my show, its heaviness really exhaust me. Things become much easier because now I have JOYO RockDriver series- who carry your pedals and accompany you travel around.
Joyo Technologies
Item ID: JP-03
With its powerful current output of up to 2000 mA and included filter common mode, the JP-03 can reduce the noise effectively and it is one of the quietest power supply you can buy.
Joyo Technologies
Total 8 LOOP channels, but can be used as dual independent 4-channel setting. Built-in 4 triggers enable you to use them to switch the Amp channel or effects mode settings. Four triggers can be set separately for trigger polarity, mode and action...
Avallon adopts the classic compressor circuit and get better dynamic feedback. Whether playing guitar or bass, you'll obtain much warmer and richer tone by adjusting the ATTACK and RELEASE knobs.
Joyo Technologies
The first generation of D-SEED was well received, then JOYO gathered numerous feedbacks from customers and launched D-SEED II stereo delay, which bringing brand new algorithms, and provides 8 different delays.
The Splinter features a sought-after classic distortion. You’ll get the unique tones that resemble both fuzz and distortion by adjusting the DISTORTION, FILTER & VOLUME knobs. An interesting combination of fuzz and distortion.
Displaying 1-10 of 95 results
1 .. 2 3 4